Best NVIDIA driver and performance settings for CSGO


Its not that complicated.

On this guide,we will show you the best NVIDIA panel settings for performance.Bear in mind,that NVIDIA panel settings wont get you many more frames unless you optimize your PC or best of all,upgrade hardware.Go go Manage 3D settings and make sure Power management mode is to Maximum performance.

Click on Program Settings and copy the following settings.











Antialising mode set to Application Controlled will make you see the stickers better and wont get you any significant performance loss.If you dont care about skins or sticker visibility,you can set the option to off.

Which driver should i use?


If you ONLY play CSGO and no other game like VALORANT(vanguard wont let you game on the older drivers),you can use 457.30 if you GPU supports this version.NVIDIA’s latest GPU drivers will still do the job for CSGO if you want to play more games like PUBG,VALORANT or WARZONE.If you are a customer of ours,you can find pretweaked versions of the drivers on the “Downloads” page.

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