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What you need is Anydesk Discord and discord on your phone as well, nothing else.Run every windows update that is possible as well.We will set a time and date for the appointment. FPSHEAVEN uses EET (ATHENS) timezone.

Not necessarily, but it’s better to work on a fresh copy of windows. a fresh windows install will drive better results and improved performance.
We suggest downloading and installing FPSHEAVEN OS (WINDOWS 10)as it has a faster installation time and predefined install settings.Make sure to put your network drivers inside the USB drive as well. Alternatively you can copy a non-modified version of Windows from here. If you need help with installing the OS, we charge a 15eu fee and will guide you through the installation process. An 8GB or Larger USB Stick would be helpful but not required
It isn’t necessary, but it will be useful for you as we will continue release new updates, free programs, and additional features to maintain the quality our clients come to expect

Check the specs under the package details on the order page.

It’s different for every customer, but it will depend on your PC and the package selected. You can be assured that every customer gets our best effort, and maximum care to guarantee benefits from our service.

We will create a folder on your desktop with all of our work that you can remove at any time. No browsers will be run during the process, and you can remove the remote help software immediately following our session. We don’t store any excess data, nor do we look at any information on your PC outside of what is required for our optimization process.Your PC is only accessable during your order session.We do not have any authority or access to your PC after the session.

Rest assured we take the utmost care to prioritize your safety and privacy.

Just once. As long you follow our guidelines, results will maintain forever.

Your package has available tickets to contact support. Tell us your concern and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
You will receive a message or email with a notification when the driver is tested and cleared for use. We operate by the moto of “if it works, don’t fix it,” so don’t be too concerned, as we will manually test the effectiveness of each update and inform you when is best to install.
A PC optimization can only improve your performance so much. If you want the best performance, it’s likely a better idea to upgrade your hardware. We recommend a 5000 series or i5 9xxx / i7 8xxxx and above cpu for better results.

No. The BIOS will be set to the manufacturer’s best and safest values, and Windows setting adjustments CAN NOT cause hardware problems.

We’re Sorry to hear that you’ve changed your mind. We’re happy to issue you a refund, but will charge a 25% cancellation fee if the appointment is less than 36 hours away. If you need to reschedule, or this is due to an emergency, we can discuss waving this fee and may offer a 100% refund.
The work stays there as long as you don’t update windows, drivers, or do any unnecessary changes on your own. Our work does not fade with time. It is quite possible to have a bad game update, or feel as though the improvements are “gone.” If this is the case, feel free to open a ticket and we will take a look.

Unfortunately after we’ve completed our services, we can’t get back the hours spent on this endeavor. For this reason, we typically can’t offer full refunds. If you’re at all unsatisfied with the services provided, you can contact us and we can discuss improvements, a free re-optimization, or a partial refund.

We see the orders on the dashboard and if one duplicate order is detected, we sent an email or a twitter message to the buyer.We keep 10 euros from the final price due to the refund and banking fees.Refunds may take up to 5 or more days to be finalised. Bitcoin does not 😉