Windows10 TinyBoost. Boost your system’s and game’s performance with 1 click.


We have been working on a utility that will increase your system’s performance and also possitively affect your gaming experience. The app will give priority to your game by terminating numerous Windows services, minimizing your system latency and many more features that we can’t disclose yet. This application is based on Python and can operate on Windows 10 with the potential to support Windows 11 in the future. Below, there is a screenshot of the BETA version of the app for you to preview the interface.

At this point of time, the application’s features are 70% done. The core functionality of the app works great. We do not plan on doing big UI changes because we do not care about how it looks, rather than making it work properly.

On the following 2 visuals, witness the impact of the application on a system containing a 5950X, 3800MHZ of RAM and a 3070LHR graphics card running 10 chrome tabs, discord, VMWARE, Malwarebytes, and VScode. Observe the before and after comparison. This test has been measured in the FPSHEAVEN INFERNO BENCHMARK.

CSGO was running at 1280×960 with Shaders, Shadows on HIGH and MSAA at 4X.


This system already has the ability to have great FPS in CSGO, hence the reason why the average and the P95 values have really small differences. What matters most, is the lows. How far your FPS will dip on fights. The lower the values, the worse. The higher, the better. This app will have much more impact on systems that are dated and there is no budgeting room for hardware upgrades.  We will seek to add more benchmark comparisons with slower hardware as well.

This app will NOT get you banned in any game, since it is not interfering with any game files or the game’s memory. To this date, this utility has support for CSGO, CS2, PUBG, VALORANT, DAYZ and Apex legends. We will add more support for other games in the near future.

Unfortunately, we do not have a set date of release for this app but our plan is to have a subscription behind it, that will cost just 1 dollar a month. Yes, 1 dollar, because why not?

Stay up to date with us on Twitter for further updates.

Thank you.

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